Affordable quality

That Caféclub started with the German market to build a brand is understandable. The German consumer is known as a critical consumer that appreciates quality. Obviously at the best possible price. This is exactly what Caféclub offers. Hence the growth of this Dutch company is not limited to Germany. Many retailers across Europe are selling items of Caféclub now. Also on the Dutch market more and more consumers and businesses discover the often favorably priced quality products from Caféclub.



Caféclub only processes coffee beans which have been obtained in accordance with the guidelines of Utz. UTZ-certified is an organization that oversees sustainability in growing coffee and cocoa. Besides focusing on the sustainable growing of crops, Utz also focuses on the social aspects, management and environmental issues. Today Utz-certified is on its way to become the largest label in the field of sustainable coffee. Almost 10% of the global volume grows according to Utz-certified guidelines. 



Caféclub has always had a strong position in the market for coffee pods for Senseo machines. The range of coffee pods Caféclub offers is quite substantial. A large part of this range is available in an economy bag of 100 pads. Each individually packaged and therefore fresh at the time of use.

Caféclub produces 3 blends of coffee beans. The milder Schümli coffee beans, the dark roasted Caféclub Espresso and the Caféclub Crema Extra coffee beans. This last variety has a roast strength that is in between the Schümli and the Espresso and is marketed as a coffee for cappuccino or latte. Also as a 'regular coffee'it is a desired product.

In our webshop we have 2 types of ground coffee from Caféclub: Caféclub Naturmild and Caféclub Klassisch. This last one is roasted slightly darker, which counts for the stronger taste.

The Dutch Caféclub has grown by selling reasonably priced coffee products of good quality to the German retail market. The company is now active in many European countries. Below is a selection of Caféclub products offered on